5 Services You Will Need for Long Distance Moves

The world is becoming smaller and smaller… figuratively, that is. With new travel technology, and companies that run in numerous countries around the world, moving long distances is more common than ever. People transfer jobs, accept new adventures, meet partners from far away or simply decide to change things up a bit.

Whatever the reason, it’s becoming much more common, and so the professional moving industry has had to adapt to that. They, too, have made long-distance moving easier than ever.

1. Short-term storage

Long-distance moving companies recognized a need for short term storage in clients who were moving long distances. This could be caused by a mismatch between the day the client had to be out of their home and the day they were actually leaving the city. It could also be caused by the person not having secured accommodations at the time of the move.

There are numerous other reasons why someone might need to store items for a short period of time in the midst of a long-distance move. Long-distance movers have made it possible for people who are moving to have a secure location to store items, should the need arise.

2. Packing services

Long-distance movers are familiar with the packing requirements for a long distance move. Having the movers take care of the packing will ensure that things are packed properly and logically, and that breakable items don’t shift and break during the big move.

The movers will bring their own supplies as well. Not only will having the movers pack items ensure that they are safe, it also allows the people moving to focus on other important things that they will likely need to take care of before heading out of town.

3. Packing supplies

Should the people moving decide that they would prefer to take care of their own packing, the long-distance movers can still provide a form of packing service by supplying adequate packing equipment. Items being moved very far may require special packing supplies as opposed to the simple boxes and tape that are normally used for shorter distance moves.

Should the family require any of these special supplies – for example, stretch wrap or crates – long-distance movers are able to provide such supplies, usually for a small cost to cover the price of the materials provided.

4. Communication

As the pros, long-distance movers are familiar with the uncertainty, stress, and fear that come with a long-distance move. That’s why these professionals are all about communication, and making sure the people who are moving have a good understanding of the step-by-step process of their move, and on any particularities that will be occurring.

Long-distance movers will run through the entire moving process from beginning to end, in detail, and will answer any questions the family may have about their move. Long-distance movers have developed this skill in order to help families relax before their big moving day.

5. Tearing down and setting up

Long-distance movers are also pros at disassembling large pieces, or reassembling them. Not only is this a time consuming task for a moving family to have to take care of, but it also isn’t always intuitive. Long-distance movers are familiar with the assembly and disassembly of different furniture pieces. They will likely be more efficient, and will ensure not to damage the items in the process.

The movers will also assist with the installation of certain items in a home. This service relieves stress from the family, and also helps them more easily integrate into their new home, without having to spend a bunch of time and energy trying to build and install furniture and appliances.

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