7 Airport Safety Tips for New Travellers

As the weather is getting colder it is vital that everyone involved in the aviation industry be mindful of what this means for safety. From the pilot to the ground crew everyone will need to be extra vigilant during this time.

1. Always run through the checklist

There is a reason that preflight checklists were invented. They are an essential part of the flying experience and must be used every time without fail. No matter what other pressures the team is under when it comes to deadlines and backed up itineraries, it is essential that the golden rule of always using a checklist is never broken. If checklists are not used and an accident happens then there will be someone who needs to be held accountable.

2. Update your aviation software

Aviation software is always improving. The technology available now is much more advanced than even a few years ago. These advancements are designed to save lives and increase the operation efficiency of any airport. By making sure that you have spoken with an aviation software expert about the latest and greatest developments in the aviation software world you will be confident that you are running an airport that you can be proud of.

3. Maintenance is essential

There is no substitute for regular preventative maintenance. Each piece of equipment that you have on the field and in the sky is there for a reason. If you fall behind on your maintenance schedule then you may be in some real trouble down the way.

4. Eliminate distractions for your team

Each member of your team has a job to do. If they are distracted then they will not be able to perform as well on the job and that is when bad things happen. You should be looking to actively discourage any casual chit-chat or nonsense during the hours of operation. It can be easy for these natural human interactions to sneak their way into the day to day running of an airport, however, even the smallest slip up can cause significant harm. It is best to keep a sterile environment, free of casual conversation and distractions when your team is on duty.

5. Stay on top of your game

Even with many years of experience the world of aviation is changing all the time. There are always new things to learn and new technologies to incorporate into the running of your airport. For this reason, it is vital that each and every member of your team attend regular training and are observed to make sure that they are conducting themselves within the guidelines of their role. As with any position it can be very easy to become complacent over time, it is possible to prevent this.

6. Make the big decisions

If you have second thoughts about taking to the skies due to questionable weather or if you just have a gut feeling that it’s a bad idea, don’t be afraid to postpone your plans. Trust your intuition and remember there will always be another day to fly. This can be easier said than done as there will be everything from disappointed clients and customers to financial pressures but if you think that it is not safe then you have to listen your your gut.

7. Prepare for the worst

Drills are very important as they can ensure that everyone knows what to do in an emergency. Not only that but they can stop people from panicking under pressure. By making sure that your team is fully prepared for any eventuality you will be setting yourself up well to handle any situation.

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