8 Best Parts About Cycling in the City

Cars, public transportation, taxis and ride sharing apps are all fantastic, however, there are benefits to biking that none of these options share.

As a matter of fact, most of the benefits from biking will help you in all aspects of your life thereby improving your overall happiness. Below is a list of eight reasons why you should consider commuting via bike in the city.

1. Cost Savings

Biking, as opposed to investing in a car, bus pass, taxi fare or rideshare apps, is free! Of course, you’ll have to purchase the bike initially and may have to replace the odd part, but this is not nearly as expensive as your other options. Imagine not having to pay an exorbitant amount on gas, insurance or bus passes, so much left for yourself!

2. Stay in Shape

Bicycling is a great form of cardio that works out your whole body. If you bike to and from work everyday and run errands using your bike, you’ll get in shape in no time. Most see the best results after the first year of biking everyday.

In fact, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone because you won’t have to take time out of your day to go to the gym to stay in shape. Speaking of cost savings, biking is much cheaper than a gym membership.

3. Improve Mental Health

Physical health is important, but don’t forget about your mental health! Research has shown that regular bicycling can reduce the effects of depression and anxiety disorders. In addition, bicycling can better your brain’s cognition, functioning and overall performance.

4. Avoid Traffic

If you live in a metropolitan area, it’s highly likely that you’re used to the hussle and bussle, including the extensive traffic and congestion of inner cities. Another problem is finding affordable and available parking, an issue you don’t have with bikes.

Bicyclists may not move as quickly as other modes of transportation, but they can move around the city much easier and faster because of their size and mobility. Also, you can take short cuts through parks or trails that other commuters can’t which comes in handy when you’re on a schedule.

5. See the City

While you’re biking, you move at a slower pace which gives you the chance to really enjoy your surroundings unlike others in cars, buses or trains. You can even take scenic routes that you never would’ve experienced otherwise, much like a tourist would. Many city dwellers who bike tend to enjoy the sunrise and sunsets on their commutes to and from work, it can be quite relaxing and de-stressing!

6. Help the Environment

A lot of issues with the environment have arose as a result of motorized vehicles. By bicycling instead, you’ll be reducing the gas emissions and society’s dependence on oil. It may not seem like you’re doing much, but by doing your part, you are making a difference and may influence others around you to make a change too.

7. Become a Better Lover

Aerobic exercise is comparable to drugs such as Viagra because they both open up blood vessels, research has shown. Also, studies have indicated that individuals who regularly exercise, like bicycling daily, feel better, have higher energy levels and make you look better which all contribute to being a better lover.

8. Bike for Life

Biking is an excellent form of cardio that is low impact, this means that anyone, regardless of age or physique, can bike. Biking does not cause a lot of injuries either making it easy to do every day. Once you get into the groove of biking, you’ll find it’s difficult to get out!

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