8 Ways to Plan a Productive Summer Vacation

As summer rolls around, you’re probably wondering how you can help avoid having your children sleep their entire vacation away.

Planning things to do in advance is a great way to keep your kids involved with life and create meaningful summer days for them. Check out these 8 different ways you can try to keep your kids engaged during the summer!

1. Get Them Involved With Choosing Their Activities

Nothing is worse than having to force your child to get ready for an activity every morning. One way to ensure a peaceful summer is to involve them in choosing their activities for the summer. You may want to get them to try a few new activities just so they know what options are available to them. Even if they have to get up early, your child is not going to put up much resistance if it’s something they want to do.

2. Give Them Time Where They Can Do Whatever They Want

One thing every child craves after a full school year is some time just to decompress. You may not like seeing them sleep, eat and watching TV all day, but you can relate to the feeling of finally having time to fully relax. When planning their summer, don’t forget to include time where they can just rest and do whatever it is they want.

3. Explore Your Local Bike Paths

Chances are your city has a bunch of interesting bike paths you can explore. Exploring the different trails in and nearby your city is a great family activity. You can even enjoy a picnic as a break from one of the bike paths.

4. Plan An Outing To A Park

Community parks are excellent places to hang out and enjoy the weather. Depending on where you live, your community park may even host activities for children. Spending the day at the park is great way for everyone to burn some energy and enjoy the summer weather.

5. Help Them Get Work Or Volunteer Experience

If your child is old enough, you can plan their summer in a way where they’re getting work or volunteer experience. At a certain point, they may be too old to enjoy summer camps fully, but they could attend the camp in a counselor role. This will help them develop leadership skills and will reflect nicely on their resume.

If your child is involved in playing a sport, perhaps they can try reffing for the summer or working with the coaches. Try and find activities that will translate to other periods of their lives.

6. Avoid Overwhelming Your Children With Activities

As mentioned before, your kids need some time to just decompress once the summer start. Overloading them with activities never ends well. Before you know it, it’ll be time for school again. Spending some quality time at home doesn’t cost you anything and provides a relaxing break for your kids.

7. Organize A Bake Sale

Joining a bake sale or starting your own is a great way to teach your children to cook while giving back to the community. You can get family and friends involved to turn a marathon of baking into a fun group project. Baking is a great activity for summer afternoons where the sun makes it too hot to go outside.

8. Check Out Minor League Sports Games

The minor leagues are home to exciting sports matches that you won’t find on TV. Checking out a local baseball game in the minor leagues is very inexpensive and can be an excellent activity for the whole family. Just remember to bring sunscreen, especially if the game goes into extra innings.

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