5 Best Parts About Visiting Tibet

When it comes to holidays, there are definitely some destinations that are more popular than then the others for weather, sights, and activities.

However, if you seek to visit a place that is peaceful, not as crowded, and largely untouched by outside influences, then Tibet is the destination for you. An autonomous region of China and nicknamed “the rooftop of the world”, Tibet has a lot to offer a visitor and below are 5 reasons you should consider visiting. Doing so will provide you with an unforgettable experience with memories to last a lifetime.

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5 Tips for Surviving Your Family Vacation Rental

When was the last time you had a family vacation? If the answer is at least eight years, then you know a trip is long overdue. Rather than renting a hotel room for your vacation to New York City or Venice, then perhaps you can take advantage of a family vacation rental, a house that will be yours for two weeks.

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5 Cool Benefits of Travelling on an E-Bike

One of the things you may want to do is have a bicycle to help you get where you need to go. There are many benefits to using this mode of transportation. Of course, one of the top ones to purchase these days is the e-bike.

This type operates by a battery and it’s definitely here to stay. In fact, studies show that the sales of this bike have skyrocketed in 2016 and the sales are up 70%. Being aware of the top reasons to choose this method may motivate you to accept this device.

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7 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Visiting Thailand For The First Time

If you plan on visiting Thailand, then you are likely in for a wonderful adventure. There are many different things to see like the Grand Palace, Khao Yai National Park and the historic city of Ayutthaya along with many great things to do like going elephant trekking, eating street food and getting a massage. While people living in Thailand are very hospitable, there are some things that you will want to make sure not to do.

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